viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

Acclimatation, Gabriela Albergaria

Gabriela Albergaria, una fantástica artista portuguesa de la que podéis ver más información en el apartado Dossier del Campus Virtual, envía esta información sobre una exposición colectiva que se inaugura hoy en Niza. Para las amantes de los árboles este homenaje.

31/10/08 – 1st/02/09
Opening on 30/10 at 6 pm
Curator : Bénédicte Ramade

The exhibition Acclimation means to deal very prudently with these mutation phenomena. Not unlike a botanical garden collecting information in order to satisfy both scientific experimentation and public observation, the show seeks to reveal the consequences of these changes on our own environment. Hybrid and mutant objects, crossing the living and the artificial, ambivalent or sometimes facetious images, the works of contemporary artists underscore the complex difficulty of representing nature today. A nature which is neither bucolic nor bruised, seen as a place for experimenting forms and notions, divided between reality and fantasy, conservation and anticipation.
Villa Arson, Nice

Centre National d’Art Contemporain
20 avenue Stephen Liégard
06105 Nice Cedex 2 / France

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