viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Hasta el 11 de junio meter México en vuestro mapa!

SOMA Summer is a unique six-week program for emerging visual artists imparted in English in Mexico City. SOMA Summer combines seminars with short workshops and individual critiques, as well as number of activities designed to promote intense creative work and artistic dialogue. The program focuses on providing discursive tools that will help participants contextualize their practice.

Soma Summer will introduce participants to the very dynamic art scene in Mexico City. Courses and critiques are offered by a selection of working Mexican and international artists and curators living in Mexico City as well as by a group of visiting cultural producers working on specific projects around town.

For a detail list of courses and activities this summer, please visit: or contact Carla Herrera-Prats at

The deadline to register to the program is Friday June 11.

SOMA Summer is part of SOMA, an experimental pedagogical project launched in 2010 conceived to promote discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art. Our goal is to produce a counterpoint to the dynamics of art schools, museums, and galleries. Esto saldra en la pagina al pulsar leer mas

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